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Revolution Voice + SketchPoetic

Revolution Voice + SketchPoetic have joined forces to create a unique sight and sound experience to help people relax, connect, and release. This workshop includes a creative expression activity along with an immersive sound bath. The order in which these experiences flow are designed to tap into the collective energy of the group, while honoring the energy of an individual’s presence.

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HEALR WITHIN + SketchPoetic

HEALr WITHIN + SKETCHPOETIC have joined forces to create a nourishing and restorative wellness experience. Immerse yourself in restorative yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and creative expression. The benefits of these experiences include better sleep, decreased stress, increased vitality, enhanced focus, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Expect to leave fully restored, renewed and ready for the rest of the week. All levels welcome.

Stay tuned for an upcoming date


SketchPoetic | Featured Spotlight



Interview with LOVEGOWN Podcast. In this episode, the three discuss how art and creative expression can be used as tools for individuals’ and communities’ healing.

"Sheila Darcey is a profound artist, facilitator, inspiring innovator, and healing mother. She is the founder of Sketch Poetic, a movement that embodies awakened consciousness and emboldens her to cultivate radical loving kindness. Throughout their time together, Sheila also shines a light on an energetic dynamic between Joe and Lo after facilitating a groundbreaking creative collaboration.”


Interview with Cured Collective Podcast to discuss how SketchPoetic came to be and the process behind it.

"The realization of living vs observing emotions came pouring out of Sketchpoetic, once she began to put pen to paper. Her art became an emotional translator of years of suppressed thoughts, beliefs, pain, and joy. It is her mission to share this practice with the world and to help others find their own way to optimal well being.”


Interview with Ladies Roadmap Podcast to discuss the journey to SketchPoetic and the greater purpose of my art.

“Have you ever felt there’s something more you want to express?  Life is going well but you feel there is something deeper calling you to action?

Today’s guest at first glance seems a bit of an anomaly, a cutting-edge businesswoman with a career as a digital innovator whose mission, as a consciousness artist, is to help others transform and heal their emotions through art and poetry.”

Interview with VoyageLA magazine

Featured Artist in "LA's Most Inspiring Stories" section of VoyageLA magazine.

“Art has always been my passion. It was my haven as a child, a means to creatively explore my inner thoughts and emotions. In my youth, I viewed my talent as a gift, and would often share it with others as a way to show my love.”