SketchPoetic | Testimonials


”I feel so fortunate to have been invited into your home and to co create the space we did and to discover such a freeing new medium to self healing. I am still processing all the emotions and energies from that afternoon. You created a sacred space for us, and gave us a nudge to full reveal ourselves. Your energy and your words were so empowering and freeing. The space you have created is like a warm hug - safe, loving and nurturing.

The overwhelming emotion or energy that came forward for me was honoring the impulse of creation. We must create constantly for the sake of creating. We're often looking for an "end goal" And you gave us all permission to recognize that we didn't need to create a masterpiece, we just needed to create while we expressed fully and unabashedly. I think the swirls you invited into my piece was you intuiting that creative life energy that swirls with vigor. Seemingly chaotic at times, but with great purpose and lifts us higher. I think for everyone who thinks they're not "creative"  - should spend an afternoon with you will beyond doubt begin to unravel that belief. What a transformative afternoon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  



“I wanted to express how grateful I am for your loving expression through art. I came with great trepidation about doing any artwork with other people in attendance. Thank you for the encouragement and making it so easy and helping me to do away with the fear of not being good enough to do art. I also was able to release that voice from my 5th grade teacher telling me that  “you will never be good enough, so don’t choose art as a way of living”. I was mistaken to believe someone else’s truth, and you helped me realize that art is perceived from the beholder. A lesson learned today.”



“The experience filled me up in ways that I cannot describe! I left feeling calm, rejuvenated, peaceful, and eager to dig deep! Sheila's incredible compassion and ability to connect with people, allowed me to let go of my preconceived notions of art and creativity. I let go and it felt amazing! I am forever grateful for this experience!”


“It was an incredible experience, and even though I had worked with art as a healing medium, what you did was a whole new experience which moved me in so many ways. I am beyond grateful for the time and dedication you put into this and can already feel how things are shifting on a spiritual level, knowing that time and integration will allow all of this to manifest in my life.”



“I never thought of myself as an artist. In fact, I am usually pretty shy about my art work. I did the sketching experience and it has opened my eyes and heart to something so phenomenal. Sheila has a calming energy when she does collaborative artwork with you. You find yourself talking about things on your mind in a fluid manner and the forum feels easy and comforting. I found myself working through the jumble in my mind while simultaneously creating a gorgeous piece of art I have hung up in my living room. But more than this a one time experience, I now sketch on a daily basis. When I’m feeling anxious or have a lot on my mind I turn to sketching. I also gift these sketches to friends as a form of appreciating my own creativity as well as giving the gift of art to people. I highly recommend trying out this experience…it’s not singular but instead a lifelong craft that you can carry with you throughout your journey.”



“I absolutely loved my experience with Sheila. This is a super fun but at the same time really powerful and deep experience. Sheila asks you to set an intention for the session. Mine was to dream. And I did just that! I felt bold, creative, and alive. I got to learn a lot and experience a lot of joy during the session. I also felt like the experience really unlocked a lot of thoughts and emotions for me that are going to take some processing! But in a good way. This is a very therapeutic and healing experience.”



“A friend thought I would benefit from doing something different, creative, and meditative for my birthday. I tried it. I loved it. I was so happy with the result, that I framed the painting and hung it in my bedroom. I have not painted since high school, but the painting is the least of what I loved about my experience. I loved Sheila’s energy and guidance through the process. She helped me forget work, todos, and the daily grind. We were present and got into this meditative, creative “flow”. You just disappear in the creative process, without being precise or prescriptive.

It is a unique experience, and so worth letting go for even a couple of hours. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to step into something different for a change. Just awesome!”