A holistic and evocative sound and sight experience.

It has been my vision to build a community of creators, practitioners, teachers, healers, and guides, who support the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of others through their talents and gifts. The power of collaboration is an integral part of the way forward and a catalyst of how this experience came to life.

Revolution Voice + SketchPoetic have joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind collaborative experience to help people relax, reflect, connect, and release. The order in which these experiences flow are designed to tap into the collective energy of the group, while honoring the energy of an individual’s presence. We hope this experience inspires and brings more light into the world. 

This 3 hours experience will include:

2:00 - 2:30 | The Overture

Introduction to the Experience hosts and a welcoming of the participants along with an overview of the session, the principals in which it is based on, and what to expect moving forward.

2:30 - 3:30 | Creative Art Expression

Explore the possibilities of creative art expression and awaken the child-like curiosity within. Tap into your unconscious mind and set the tone for your sound bath experience through this visual meditative practice.

3:30 - 4:30 | Immersive Sound Bath

The symphony of the quartz crystal singing bowls combined with Geeta’s singing voice produce overtones that have resonant and healing properties that release stressful energy and provide balance and serenity for the mind, body and soul.

4:30 - 5:00 | In Gratitude

This collaborative experience will end with a brief wrap-up along with an overview of what to expect post-session. We welcome all feedback and questions during this time.

What should I bring?

Participants will either lie down or sit for the entirety of the sound bath experience, so comfortable clothing is highly recommended, as well as, a yoga mat and/or blanket. All art supplies for the creative art expression will be provided.

DATE Saturday, Feb. 9

TIME 2:00pm - 5:00pm

LOCATION 635 Crestmoore Place, Venice, CA.

This is an invitation only event. Cost to attend is $100 per person. Space is limited.

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Geeta Novotny | Revolution Voice

Geeta Novotny’s Revolution Voice is a revolutionary method and practice that uses the voice and sound as a bridge between music and wellness, while delving deeply into the art and science behind these modalities. Built on her philosophy that voice and sound are one of our greatest sources of therapeutic healing; Geeta has taken her 20+ years as an internationally acclaimed award-winning vocalist, her extensive teaching experience, and her knowledge and practice of the healing arts to provide a transformative and highly-effective multi-dimensional approach to vocal training, vocal coaching, singing workshops, sound therapy and performances which affords deep healing, self-discovery and empowerment from the inside out.




Sheila Darcey | SketchPoetic

Sheila Darcey’s mission of elevating art as a tool for emotional expression, self reflection, and healing is derived from her 17+ years as a facilitator, coach, and consultant in the technology and digital agency space. Her work with Fortune 500 companies led to a greater understanding of what drives transformative growth in individuals and teams. Through a series of collaborations with other artists, practitioners, and therapists, Sheila has established creative techniques to unlock, express, and release. She connects the benefits of daily art with the therapeutic nature of mindfulness and relaxation. She also promotes the exchange of ideas and energy through her global art collaborations.


Sheila Darcey Headshot Photo.jpg

"It was an incredible experience, and even though I had worked with art as a healing medium and sound bath, what you did was a whole new experience which moved me in so many ways. The nurturing energy both of you radiated was also incredible and made me feel as if I was being contained during all the three hours of this workshop. Your commitment and dedication to this practice helped me open up my heart and accept whatever comes with grace and courage."


“I had the opportunity to immerse myself in sound and art, out of which flowed creativity, joy, freedom, and expansion. During Geeta's other-worldly sound bath and in the midst of co-creating a piece with Sheila, I received profound messages that will guide me through this next year.

Geeta and Sheila share their talents with open hearts to create authentic connections and guide you along the journey.” 


““The beautiful voice of Geeta with the sound of the crystal bowls was enchanting bringing about relaxation and healing deep within.
After that Sound Bath we proceeded with the SketchPoetic class facilitated by Sheila. My deepest fear and wounded artist was given
the opportunity to express itself once again. This experience and the  generosity of these gestures has brought peace and understanding
of who I really am.”.”